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NaNo or The Glorious Month of November

In just three short days NaNo will begin and thousands of people all over the world will be racing to the 50k word count. I am one of those people. I am also one of the crazy participants who will be in charge of their region for the month. We are what the general NaNo public call MLs.

It is up to the ML to schedule write-ins and get-togethers for the region. I try to schedule at least two write-ins a week because I live off of write-ins. The downside is that I don’t actually get much writing done because I’m too busy talking.

My current plan for NaNo is to write steam punk fairy tales. I also plan to keep updating the website and blog throughout November.

*EDIT* I had written this post and thought I had it scheduled to show up on October 29th. For some reason, it didn’t post. I am incredibly sorry for that.


The AP Roberts is an extremely rare creature and there is only one known AP Roberts in the world. Usually off in its own little world, the AP returns to reality when it gets lonely. This elusive creature is rather difficult to catch on film, however will pose for drawings. The AP, though wild by nature, can be tamed and makes a wonderful pet. It should also be known that while the AP gets along with most creatures it has an intense fear of insects and large canines. The AP lives on a diet of mainly vegetables and candy but is not known to refuse food that is made and offered through kindness. The drink of choice for the AP is tea though it is known to drink water and juice. There is still much to be learned of the AP however, most agree that the writings of the AP are truly something to behold. Hopefully, one day the AP will find a good Agent creature who will introduce the AP's writings to a good publisher creature and the world will be able to read the AP's works.


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