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Music To My Muse

If you go on any writing forum you will find writer’s sharing the playlists they’ve made to help with their writing. There are multiple threads on the NaNo site devoted to writing playlists. Writers share the music they listen to when writing action scenes or romantic encounters. They share songs that help them get in the mind of their characters.

It is such a common occurrence that it seems like music and writing go hand in hand. If you write you should be listening to music.

Unfortunately, not everyone can listen to music and write at the same time. Some people prefer absolute silence when they’re writing while others need that background noise.

I admit that I cannot write to music. I need silence when I write or else I will write in what I’m listening to. If someone talks to me or starts playing music when I’m writing, it will end up in my story. Most of the time it doesn’t even make sense but it ends up there anyway. I could be writing about WWIII and end up with a scene about unicorns because someone started playing The Irish Rovers.

Because of my lack of skill in multitasking, I am unable to write with music. Sometimes I feel like I’m missing out by writing to silence but then I think of how strange the stories would be if I did write them to music.

What about you? Do you find that music influences your writing? Is the influence mild or do you find yourself writing the lyrics instead of your story?

If you do write with music then check out these threads over on the NaNo site:

**Please note that these links are only good until the 2013 relaunch of the NaNo site.


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4 thoughts on “Music To My Muse

  1. I can only listen to certain kinds of music when I write (classical, mainly — or anything without singing). But I do come up with playlists of songs that “fit” what I’m writing at the time… I like to listen to them in the car and I get inspired that way.


    1. I can definitely understand the classical music for writing and inspiration. It seems like every piece of I listen to spans multiple emotions and some of my favourite stories are told through classical music. 🙂


  2. I agree with Maggie. I prefer classical music, but lately I’ve expanded into background music from video games. Video game music includes great drama, and you can loop them to listen continuously.


    1. My first thought on reading your comment was that my boyfriend would love your writing music. Of course, as I’m reading he is listening to the WoW2 original soundtrack. But I definitely agree that they have drama. It’s also easy to pick and choose mood with video game music.



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