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The Alter Ego: Mirrors

I’ve decided to try my hand at Prompts for the Promptless byRarasaur. This weeks prompt was “The Alter Ego”. Rather than focus solely on an alter ego for myself, I wrote about one that a lot of people have encountered. While not focusing on me, this post does showcase some of my own insecurities.

prompts for the promptless, rarasaur

Mirrors lie.

They sparkle, they shine, and they lie.

Mirrors promise to show you beauty but when you look, you see only flaws in the reflection.

Sometimes you can stare for hours. You analyze everything you see; hoping against hope that you will see something good. Yet, at every glance, you only see the worst of who you are.

Bags under your eyes show the world how little sleep you get. Your eyes themselves are bloodshot and watery. If you didn’t know any better you would swear you had just gotten off a drinking binge.

Along your forehead the frown lines mix with laugh lines until you can no longer tell where each one came from. Of course, you’re young enough that you shouldn’t even have wrinkles so those lines worry you; causing even more lines to form.

The skin on your face is oily in some places and flaky in others. You wish they would even themselves out but there is little hope in that. And the sunburns gracing your cheeks make your skin looked even worse than the blackheads covering your nose.

You close your eyes before looking at the rest of your reflection. While taking your moment, you send up a little prayer that the rest of your body looks better than your face. Unfortunately, you know that your prayer will be as unanswered today as it was yesterday.

Your body has stored fat everywhere but where you want it. Your bra size is B but if the fat went to your chest instead of your stomach you would be at least a D. And your butt doesn’t even begin to fill out the large pants that barely fit around your thunder thighs.

It makes you want to cry when you see your reflection in the mirror.

You try to cover it up with fashion and make-up. You try to play up your strengths and enhance your beauty. But it never works.

Because mirrors lie.