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Back After Two Years

TW: If you are easily triggered by talk of harassment, anxiety or mental illness, please take care of yourself and don’t read the rest of this post.

After more than two years in a self-imposed hiatus, I’m back. At least, I’m hoping that I’m back though I don’t know how long or how often I’ll be able to post.

There were some events which happened in my life over the last few years which severely impacted my mental health. This also impacted my work, my home life and my writing. In all honesty, there was not a part of my life that was not affected by these events.

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Writing 101: Anxiety and Me

This was written in response to Writing 101: Your Personality on the Page. The prompt was to right about one of your worst fears in a different style than you normally use.

Trigger Warning: This post deals with anxiety. If you are easily triggered by talk of anxious thoughts please stop reading. If you are reading this for the sole purpose to help your own anxiety, please seek help from a mental health professional.

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