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Road Trip!

As stated in a previous post, I recently put off writing because of some things which have come up in my life. One of those things was a move across the country. I drove approximately 5000km from PEI to Alberta in order to start fresh. There were a lot of things which went into that decision and it wasn’t made lightly (despite what I know some people still believe).

One of the things which helped me decide was work. I graduated last spring from college but I was unable to find full-time work in my field. The only work I was able to find in PEI was either part-time or minimum wage. I ended up waitressing full-time nights and evenings while working one shift a week in my field. While I was getting enough money to pay the bills, it was extremely stressful and not what I wanted to do. I did not enjoy spending my nights catering to the drunks coming in for food. I did not enjoy being hit on by guys who were too drunk to realize that no meant no. But most of all, I did not enjoy the fact that, on my days off, I still had to deal with drunks or at least hear them. It was as if I was unable to get away from my job.

It was a tough decision as I had to work very hard to save up money for the move but it was the right decision for me. The stress of driving 5000km was nothing compared to the stress I had been under while in PEI. And while I have to start fresh in terms of furniture and work, I have the knowledge that “I did that” (please see map) and that is worth more to me than a richly furnished palace.

You lose sight of things… and when you travel, everything balances out. – Daranna Gidel