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Reality in Fiction: Grief

There are many things which can be grieved and what connects them all is loss. People will grieve the loss of a job just as much as they will grieve the loss of a person. If it involves a loss, then it also involves grief.

Loss can be grieved in any number of ways. The grief may be express quickly which will also begin the healing process quickly or the grief may take years to be expressed in which case the healing may never come.

Unfortunately, there are many stories where the writer forgets that their character is grieving. When the writer forgets about the character’s loss, the character also forgets about their loss. This means that the character does not deal with their grief.

If grief is not dealt with, it can get worse. Grief can turn into depression or complicated grief which may require professional help.

The most well-known stages of grief are denial, anger, bargaining, depression, and acceptance. These stages can overlap, repeat, or skip; and there is no set timeline nor set order for the stages.

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Marny’s Dream

Trigger Warning: Character Death, Suicide


Marny tossed in her bed; her eyes fluttering in the REM cycle. Her arm landed on her stomach as a gasp made its way out of her mouth.

She could hear their laughter. They were laughing at her. They thought she was oblivious.

And she had been.

She had thought that they were her friends. She had believed the girls to be the sisters her parents couldn’t give her.

Until she heard them talking to David about courting.

And David. Her David. She had thought him to be her soul mate. She had thought they would spend their lives together.

Until she heard him asking her friend to marry him.

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In Remembrance

Jade M. asked “Do two lines make a poem?” and Whisper2Scream replied with a poem. I encourage everyone to check out both Jade M’s and Whisper2Scream’s sites and read their poems. Both of these fabulous writers have inspired me to write my own two-line poem.

Trigger Warning: The poem is a reflection of my grief from my father-in-law’s passing. If you cannot deal with death please don’t read.

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Writing 101: Some People Cry, Some People Clean

Written for Writing 101: Don’t Stop the Rockin’.

I had planned to use this prompt to talk about the writing process however, in light of recent events, I have decided write about my father-in-law and our grieving instead. I’m hoping that this post will be cathartic and allow me to let out some more of my grief.

I realize that some people cannot deal with death and for this reason I am putting the main post behind a cut. Consider this a trigger warning if you are triggered by death or talk of the grieving process.

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A Few Days Break

I just wanted to let everyone know that I will be gone for at least a few days and unable to post or reply to comments. My father-in-law has passed away and we are in the middle of making all of the arrangements. I will post as soon as I can but know that I haven’t forgotten or disappeared.

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Writing 101: Elevated

This post was written in response to Writing 101: To Whom It May Concern. My prompt, elevation, came from the book Westmark by Lloyd Alexander

Trigger Warning: This deals with several issues including depression and allusion to suicide. If you are triggered by any of these please do yourself a favour and don’t read this post.

If you do find yourself thinking about suicide please visit the International Suicide Prevention Wiki and find someone you can talk to. Suicide is a permanent reaction to a temporary situation. There is always hope and I urge you to find yours.

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This piece is an accompaniment to Do You Remember Winterwood? and, as such, has a sad tone. If you have problems dealing with illness and death, I would ask you to skip this piece.

(Sadness warning included for Fibee5 and anyone else who needs it. 🙂 )

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If Life Was Fair

If life was fair, everyone would achieve their goals. No one would live an unfulfilled life.

If life was fair, no one would know the harshness of abandonment. No one would feel unloved or unappreciated.

If life was fair, all travelers would return home to the waiting arms of their loved ones. Soldiers wouldn’t be needed because there would be no wars.

If life was fair, no one would die before their time.

Unfortunately, many people have felt the pain of a life lost too soon. It could be a family member who fought against illness and lost or a friend who was taken by a tragic accident.

The loss is never felt by just one person. The loss is felt by everyone who has ever been blessed to meet them in their short life.

If life was fair, you would still be alive. You would have returned home from your travels like you always said you would.

While you may be gone at the tender age of 26, I was blessed to have known you for the short time that I did. I may have only known you for a few months during Katimavik, but those months changed my life.

We may have been complete opposites, but you taught me so much. Your outgoing, rambunctious life clashed with my polished image and showed me that perfection isn’t everything. You taught me that life is full of imperfections that need to be enjoyed.

I was terrified of anything that I deemed inappropriate, including your not so inappropriate touching. But you continued to push my boundaries and I am better for it. You taught me that lines were meant to be crossed and life was meant to be lived.

While we haven’t spoken in awhile, I have never forgotten you or your insatiable urge to travel. I hope that in death, you have finally found your way back home and that your spirit is at rest.

So I raise to you the parting glass. For you have risen to take your leave, not with a tear but with a joyful wish to live life to the fullest.