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Writing 101: 20 Minute Free Write

This post was written in response to Writing 101: Unlock the Mind.


Today marks the first day of Writing 101. While I am excited to start this adventure in writing I am also very anxious about how it will turn out. I’m worried that I’ll give up half way through (or in the next day or two) or that I’ll produce horrible pieces of writing.  I’m nervous about what some of the prompts and twists will be. I’m terrified that someone I know will read what I write and judge me based on how bad it is.

Of course, being a person who has be diagnosed with anxiety, these fears are not new to me. I’ve debated in the past about joining the Daily Post’s Blogging U. However, as many times as I’ve debated joining Blogging U, this is my first time registering.

Over the last year I’ve allowed my anxiety to get between me and my writing. I’ve gone from writing every day to once a week or less. At one point I hadn’t written anything in several months.

I’m not sure why I allowed my anxiety to get as bad as it did. In my mind I know the different tricks to calming anxiety. There is mindfulness of breath, the freeze method, self-hypnosis, isolated relaxation, and more that I can’t think to name at this moment.

But there is a difference between knowing something and using it. People can know first aid but if an emergency occurs they may not be able to use it. There are many students who know the course work but fail the exams.

So, I suppose it’s not that strange for me to know how to calm my anxiety but not be able to do so.

The best I can hope for is to attempt each prompt for Writing 101. I may not post all the pieces I write but, despite my anxiety trying to stop me, I will write something for each prompt. And perhaps I will walk away from Writing 101 with a new daily writing habit.

What about you? Have you joined Writing 101 or Blogging 101? What are your hopes and fears for the course?