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Istanbul: A New Revolution?

Earlier today I came across several reblogs of a post titled “What Is Happening In Istanbul” and it piqued my interest. But, as usual, I was wary about the fact that what I was reading was only one person’s view. So, I looked deeper into the issue.

First I looked up Taksim Square on Google Maps. I wanted to see the park that was going to be demolished for a mall. I wanted to see the area that the protestors wanted to protect. Basically, I wanted a visual representation of where this was happening.

Then I searched the WordPress reader. I found a lot of posts by searching for Istanbul in the tags. I found a “Letter from a Young Turkish Demonstrator” and a sign about the revolution being tweeted.

I found posts about the Turkish media airing cooking shows and penguin documentaries rather than showing the protests.

I found posts about how the protestors are becoming the people and how the protesters had begun as many different groups but were uniting over one cause.

I found a lot of WordPress posts from many different sources and I even found a blog dedicated to what is happening. In fact, while I only speak English, I was still able to find a lot of posts to let me in on the events. If I spoke (or at least could read) Turkish, I could probably add a lot more to that list.

But there is a difference between searching WordPress blogs and gathering multiple views from multiple sources. Blogs are one thing but media is something else entirely and I wanted to see what the media had to say about what was going on.

Based on the blog posts, I knew that there wasn’t going to be much from the Turkish media. However, I am acutely aware that there are news agencies across the world that like to cover world news. I was very hopeful that at least some of these news agencies were covering what I was now calling the “Turkish Revolution”. And this hope lead me to Google News where I found “Istanbul” as one of the top news makers.

After clicking on “Istanbul”, I read articles from News Max World, the Daily Beast, and the Star. But then, when I stopped clicking random links and looked where I was going, I found articles from the Guardian, BBC, CNN, and other world news sources that I am familiar with.

At the moment, I don’t know what is currently happening or what is going to happen. I don’t know if the government will back down and allow the people to have control of the country. I don’t know if the government will manage to beat the people back far enough that they no longer pose a threat. What I do know is that this is something that should not be hidden by censors.

This is the freedom of speech and the freedom of the press at work. And it is our freedom as people to read, learn and educate others as to what is happening.