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Haikus inspired by D&D

While at work one day, I decided to work on my D&D character. I then started to write a few lines and ended up with some haikus.


Dragon takes a nap
Trolls decide to ambush camp
Grr grumpy dragon


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Minecraft Is Sabotaging Me!

I realize that I haven’t updated my LiveJournal for awhile and it has already been a week since I last updated my WordPress. But in my defense, MineCraft is sabotaging my efforts to write and update.


It’s true. Every time I sit down at my computer with the intention of writing or editing, MineCraft just sits there on my desktop. It glares at me until I start playing. And, of course, once you start, you play for hours without realizing it. Stronger wills than mine have failed to resist the temptation of digging mines and building castles, fighting creepers and raiding villages.

I’ve tried to schedule in times for me to write and times for me play games but it hasn’t worked. I think I need a detox program to help me with my MineCraft addiction because even though the main site is offline for updates, I’ve been playing in offline mode. And all because it just sits there mocking me. Telling me that if I don’t play, it will send creepers after me.

Speaking of creepers, I’d better get back to MineCraft and rebuild my castle that blew up.