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Different Languages

Innis Seun 2“So, what you are telling me is that the girls where you are from speak very differently than we speak here?” Sheehan looked at Barbara with a confused expression on her face.

Barbara nodded. “Yes, they speak a lot different from here. They still speak English… or Innis as you call it here, however with the way they speak, it is almost as if they are speaking a different language.”

“They speak Innis while speaking a different language? So they speak two languages?” Sheehan picked up her left hand and tucked a piece of hair behind her ear.

“No, they speak one language but they way they speak it sounds as if they are speaking a different language.” Barbara shook her head and her hair waved back and forth along her back.

Sheehan stopped walking for a moment and just looked at Barbara.

Barbara rolled her eyes and reached out to give Sheehan’s arm a tug to get Sheehan moving again. “The way they speak it sounds as if they are speaking a different language when they are not actually speaking a different language.”

“Well, could you give an example?”

Barbara seemed to think for a moment. “Well, like, they like talk like this and they say like whatever and like oh my god and like things like that.”

“What does that mean?”

Barbara laughed. “I did say it was almost as if they spoke another language. I much prefer how people speak here. At least everyone says what they mean.”

“Everyone does not say what they mean.”

“Well, they mean what they say. And that is the same thing.”

“That is the same as saying I breathe when I sleep is the same as I sleep when I breathe. The sentences have different meanings.”

“Are you quoting Alice in Wonderland?” Barbara said with a light laugh.

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A Prologue… Of Sorts

I’ve decided to post the prologue that I wrote for my novel “Bringing the Dawn”. Normally I don’t post anything to the public that I’ve written for my novel. However, I’ve recently decided to delete the prologue from the manuscript because it adds nothing to the actual plot Which is good for the internet because it means that the prologue is free to read here.

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New Piece of Writing!

It feels like forever since I last posted a piece of my writing. I wish I could say that is hasn’t been that long but my last posted writing was almost a year ago. I feel ashamed. I could blame school or work, maybe even friends and family; but I think we all know that I am the real culprit in this. My co-conspirators in this long lasting procrastination have been fear and perfectionism.

I think I would be lying if I said no one else has ever felt fear and no artist has ever fallen into the trap of perfectionism. The fears that our work, our baby, is anything but perfect can still the movement of anyone who is not practiced in overcoming those fears. Wanting our work to be perfect can have someone redo what was a wonderful work in and of itself until it is almost unrecognizable from the original.

They say that the first step is always the hardest. Hopefully that saying remains true and I will find it easier to overcome the demons of fear and perfectionism. Though, I will still strive to bring my best work to the internet and all who may read it.

This short little piece is entitled “And We’re Off” and takes place in the Steampunk Innis Seun universe. Barbara takes that first scary step out her front door and out of her city. Read it here.