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Overwhelmed By My Obsession

This week’s Prompt for the Promptless is Logomania.



    1. an obsessive interest in words
    2. excessive and incoherent talking
    3. the state of being A.P. Roberts

I love words. I love hearing them and reading them. I love saying them and writing them. I don’t care if everyone else hates them because I love words.

I love how words reflect the world around them. I marvel at the way words can adapt to different meanings based on tone and body language. I enjoy how words can hide our thoughts but show our souls.

Friends know how I’m feeling based on how I’m speaking. When I’m excited I talk ridiculously fast (think Six from Blossom). When I’m sad I don’t talk. But I think the most telling is when I’m ecstatic because then I have trouble finding words that will correctly convey my bliss.

I love talking not because I love the sound of my voice but because I love the way words feel on my tongue. I love the way my mouth forms around syllables. I love manipulating meanings by changing the emphasis or sentence structure.

The only problem with talking is that my brain and mouth don’t always work together. (Though my boyfriend says they never work together.) That’s why I write. I can’t revise what I’ve said out loud but I can always edit the words I’ve written. I can take the time I need to find the perfect word rather than saying the first word that pops into my mind (which is usually meow). I can change words that don’t work  and rewrite awkward sentences.

In fact, my love affair with words has gotten me in trouble with the WordPress proofreader. Every post has complex expressions that the proofreader suggests I simplify. But simplifying the words runs the risk of watering down the meaning. If I were to omit all of my complex expressions then I would feel like Alice. Instead of saying what I mean I would only mean what I say.

This obsession with words has also created a writing problem for me over the last few weeks. As I mentioned in previous posts, I am trying to post almost every day. For someone who is obsessed with editing this is a challenge. Writing posts every day is becoming very overwhelming though it was a good exercise.

While I will have to cut down on my posts I am not going back to my old “Did I post this week or last week?” method of blogging. What I am going to do is post five days a week so that I have one day for me and one day for family. I am hoping this will lessen the overwhelming while indulging the obsession.

I would love to hear about your obsessions and if you ever found yourself overwhelmed with them. How did you handle it? Did it work or are you still struggling with the balance?


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