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In Remembrance

Jade M. asked “Do two lines make a poem?” and Whisper2Scream replied with a poem. I encourage everyone to check out both Jade M’s and Whisper2Scream’s sites and read their poems. Both of these fabulous writers have inspired me to write my own two-line poem.

Trigger Warning: The poem is a reflection of my grief from my father-in-law’s passing. If you cannot deal with death please don’t read.

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Round about the pond
Puddles always near
Sit on little stumps
Noises do I hear
Birds go flying by
Resting in the green
Bits of colour all around
There’s magic to be seen

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Trigger Warning:
This poem has a theme of depression. If this theme affects you I would advise against reading.

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Home Sweet Home


I hear the Island calling me
Though I'm far away
I dream of it at night
My cradle in the waves

Sand beneath my feet
Salt spray upon my face
When I see those red tinged cliffs
I know I've found my place

With calls of "Hey der buddy
Hows it goin? Where've ya bin?"
Feels like I've never left
Though it's been ages since I've been
Home sweet home
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Through The Walls

Forgiveness Mandala by Wayne Stratz
Forgiveness Mandala by Wayne Stratz (Photo credit: Nutmeg Designs)

I can hear you,
Through the walls.

I can hear your shouts;
The slamming of doors
And the tears of anger.

Will I hear mending?
The whisper of “I love you”
Amongst tears of forgiveness.

Or will I hear sadness?
The shatters of broken hearts
Mingled with tears of loneliness.

I can hear you,
Through the walls.

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Passing Years

Passing Years

It use to be time went so fast

Days became years that soon were passed

I look back now at all that’s gone

The music that’s been my life song


But when I look ahead all I can see

Before me is my destiny

And in it lies a star so bright

It can turn back my darkest night


And all my fears are laid to rest

Within the beating of a chest

A heart that’s so in tune with mine

Two souls that live to be entwined


So as I watch the passing years

I know they went to bring me near

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Haikus inspired by D&D

While at work one day, I decided to work on my D&D character. I then started to write a few lines and ended up with some haikus.


Dragon takes a nap
Trolls decide to ambush camp
Grr grumpy dragon


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