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I Can Read Your Mind

This was written for the Daily Post’s Daily Prompt: Taglines. Where we were asked the question “What if people had taglines?”

I also used this opportunity for a 30-5 challenge. 30 minutes to write and 5 minutes to edit.


Karen sat down at the round metal table and watched the people coming through the small café. She didn’t know who they were or where they were coming from. She couldn’t tell you their names but she could still tell you their purpose in life.

Ever since she was a small child she was able to tell at a glance whether someone was going to heaven or hell. Her grandmother said it was the second sight but Karen knew there was more to it.

That’s why she had come here, to this café. She was meeting with a known psychic to find out what she was doing.

Karen looked at everyone in the café and wondered if the psychic was there yet. She had tried to get a picture of the man but was told it would ruin the experiment.

She rolled her eyes at the memory of their conversation. The psychic, who was apparently well-known in the supernatural community but not the mundane community, kept pausing when he was speaking. If she didn’t know any better, Karen would have sworn that it was all a joke.

But she was the one who had contacted him. Rayne, the psychic of psychics. If you were trying to figure out your power than Rayne was the man for the job.

Karen looked around and watched as a few people entered through the open doorway.

Suddenly, Karen’s laughter filled the air.

Rayne, the best man to find out your psychic power, was actually a woman. A very pregnant woman.

Karen read the words above Rayne’s head again. Instead of the usual “Heaven”, “Hell”, or “Undecided”, Rayne’s tagline read “If a man can’t do it, a woman can.”