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Writing on a Schedule

English: Gentaur schedule
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There are two groups of writers; those who write on a schedule and those who write when inspiration hits. While I am in the group that writes when inspiration hits, I want to be in the group that writes on a schedule.

The first reason for wanting a schedule is that I feel it would help me get into my writer mindset. A schedule would make me write rather than me saying “I can write later”. I would be able to train my brain that at a certain time I start writing and I don’t stop until the time limit is reached.

The second reason is that I want to have a divide between my writing and life. At the moment my life has no schedule because Sweety and I are both off work for health reasons. Because of this lack of schedule I’ve been attempting to write while spending time with Sweety. It has gotten to the point where I am interrupted every time I open up my computer to start writing. With a schedule I can let people know that for this time period I am writing and don’t want distractions.

My last reason for wanting a schedule is so that I can give myself deadlines. I can say that I want to write a certain number of scenes in each time period or that I want to use one of the time periods to edit a story. By setting deadlines I can measure my writing goals and try to improve my output.

Do you find yourself writing on a schedule or do you write when inspiration hits? Do you prefer one method over the other?