Innis Seun

Here you will find links to all of the stories and poems that I wrote for my Innis Seun universe. This universe was started when I was 16 and the posts are mainly on LiveJournal and FictionPress.

I have also used some of the settings and characters to write stories which are slightly different from the main universe. To access those stories, please go to the Innis Seun (Alternate Universes) page.

Element Stones Myth (FP)
Innis Seun: The Beginning (FP)
Innis Seun 2Star Song (RaTs)
“Prologue” to Bringing the Dawn
Midsummer Snow (RaTs)
The Well (RaTs)
The Books (RaTs)
Last Stand (FP)
Lost To The Flames (FP)
The Three Sisters (FP)
Internal Dialogue (RaTs) *TRIGGER WARNING*
Storms (RaTs)
Healing Magic Part 1
Healing Magic Part 2
The Student (RaTs)
Space (RaTs) (FP)
Mamie’s Tradition (RaTs) (FP)
Silence (RaTs)
Pretending (RaTs) (FP)
The River (RaTs) (FP)
Tracking (RaTs)
Memories (RaTs) (FP)
Ewan’s Fear (RaTs) (FP)
Different Languages
Worse Than Buckley’s (RaTs) (FP)
All Hallows Eve (FP)
In Front Of Your Nose (RaTs)
The Crash (RaTs)
The Races (RaTs) (FP)
Zen and the Art of Washing Dishes (RaTs) (FP)
The Dare (RaTs)
Hot Chocolate (RaTs)
Tied Together with a Smile (RaTs)
If All Your Friends Jumped Off A Cliff (RaTs)
Books and Blackmail (RaTs)
After Death (RaTs)


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