Blogging Policies

These are my personal blogging policies. Occasionally I do strange things and I wanted to explain some of the things I do with my blog. Hopefully, these policies will help everyone who reads my blog understand some of the posts and help me make them better.

Triggering Content Policy

This is by far my most important policy. If I think that my post may trigger someone to worsen their state of being I will put a trigger warning and hide the post behind a cut. That being said, I sometimes miss a trigger. If you have found one of my posts triggering please let me know. I will edit the post with a warning and a cut.

Please do not feel ashamed of letting me know if you find a post triggering. Self-harm, EDs, traumatic memories and mental health are nothing to be ashamed of. I don’t want anyone to be triggered without warning because I’ve been there and it isn’t fun. So please, let me know.

Follow Back Policy

I do not automatically follow back those who follow me. If I follow you back, it’s because I like something about your blog and want to read more. Most times I go off of a blog’s about page if there is one. So update your about page from the one WordPress gives you because if you have a link to your about page I will read it.

Photo and Graphic Policy

I use a mix of my own creations and creative commons. If I use one of your photos and shouldn’t have, let me know. I will take it down without asking questions.

Research Policy

I try to research everything before I post. But, even with research, I make mistakes. If you think that I’ve made a mistake in one of my posts, let me know. Tell me where else I can look for information and I will check it out. I am not above editing my posts and letting the world know that I was wrong and you were right.

Linking Policies

I try to link to content that I mention. At times these links are within the text while other times I will include links at the bottom of the post.

I link to the prompts and challenges that I take part in. Challenges are linked at the side of every page so that anyone who is interested in taking part.

If I’m taking part in a prompt with less than 20 participants, I will try to link to the other participants at the end of the post.

Posting Policy

I try to post my writings and writing information.This blog was created solely to help me write better and I try to post to that purpose.

I will occasionally post about my life and interests. These non-writing centric posts are intended to  challenge me to write differently and try different aspects of WordPress posts. They are not intended to become the norm or even to share my entire life story.


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